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One to One Training Sessions are probably the most effective way of learning quickly - the focus is on exactly what you need to learn. For absolute beginners and more experienced photographers - It's an ideal way to get exactly what you need from your training. With over 25 years in the photographic industry and currently lecturing in  photography at Edinburgh  College, I have a wealth of experience in helping people learn.

My home studio with car-parking is easily accessible and we'll visit some of the fabulous seascape locations around the coast.

Your day will be planned and paced just for you. Unlike some group situations - if you're an absolute beginner you don't have to worry you're being left behind and if you're more experienced you won't feel as though you're being held back - You'll have my undivided attention at all times.

Whole day session £350 -  add a friend or partner £100

Call me on 07850 0303187 or email me to plan your day and gift vouchers are available if you'd like a special present for someone.

What you'll need -

Digital camera and lens/lenses

Memory cards - at least 2 empty high capacity cards - you won't have to erase images in the middle of a workshop

Card reader and/or cable to connect your camera to your laptop

Tripod - a good steady tripod is essential for some of the courses and is a good way to encourage students to slow down and consider the image before shooting

Remote release - if possible, but not essential

Solid and graduated neutral density filters for some of the courses

Laptop with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements and/or Adobe Lightroom Flash drive and/or external storage drive

Suitable footwear and warm layers of clothing and waterproofs - the Scottish weather can change dramatically and quickly if we're on location.

A sense of humour and a love of photography

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